You’ve (almost) lost that lovin’ feline

Rosie cat, safe at home. For now.


Meet Rosie. We adopted her from the SPCA in 2016. She’d been living rough in a coal cellar with some other cats, but nothing else was known about her past history.

She’s settled in nicely with us and is the sweetest and friendliest of our felines (all house cats – we live on a busy road, so don’t risk letting them roam free).

Today I had some cleaning-up to do in the living room (dog with an upset stomach – don’t ask), and left the window ajar while I went to get the spray mop.

When I came back, our chickens were freaking out outside. Something had upset them greatly, and they had to let me know.

Outside, I found a very confused and very worried tabby huddled in the corner of the back yard, just below the now wide-open window. Luckily, a freshly-opened pouch of cat food encouraged her back inside. Through the door this time.

I think I have an idea how the stripy buffoon managed to make herself homeless.

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