Get a grip

I’ve used many a capo throughout my guitar-playing escapades, but it’s only relatively recently I’ve found one I love.

Thalia Capos don’t come cheap, but you get exactly what you pay for – and more – in terms of both functionality and form.

Functionality first: They’re supremely easy to slip on and off the guitar neck with one hand, and they come complete with a variety of fret pads to swap out depending on your chosen guitar’s fretboard radius. So you want to go from, say, a Gretsch 6120 to a Martin acoustic? Simply slip out one fretpad, click in the appropriate one for your acoustic and you’re playing beautiful, clean chords with minimal fuss. Separate high tension fretpads are also available for 12-string, banjo and ukulele players.

Now, the form. Simply put, these things are gorgeous. They’re available in a variety of finishes, including black chrome, chrome and gold, and come inlaid with a glorious array of exotic woods and shells. Thalia even offer custom options – if someone keeps making off with your capo, why not get your name emblazoned on it in purple paua?

I love Thalia Capos. I just wish my guitar playing was as good as my capo, but you can’t have everything.

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