Cakes, concerts and coffees in Reykjavik

Last year Mrs C and I visited Reykjavik for the first time – tying our long-awaited (17 years!) honeymoon into a trip to see the ever-excellent John Grant play in his adopted hometown.

Besides seeing Mr Grant in the jaw-dropping setting of the Harpa concert hall (imagine a glittering palace of glass as designed by a robot MC Escher), we ate, walked, saw the sights and even found time to sit at the very table at the Mokka Kaffi occupied by Mr G on the cover of his ‘Pale Green Ghosts’ album. Never too proud to fanboy.

We had our cake. And we ate it, too.


Coffee at Mokka Cafe. We can recommend the waffles. And the cake.


John Grant’s ‘Pale Green Ghosts’

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